Monday, October 25, 2021



The Pentecostal Young People’s Association (PYPA), the youth wing of IPC, was founded on 30th August 1947 by a few Pentecostal college students from U.C. College, Aluva and Maharaja’s College, Trivandrum. It was created for the development of social, mental, cultural, and above all, spiritual development of Pentecostal youths. In 1954, I.P.C. recognized P.Y.P.A. as its subsidiary association. The Activities of P.Y.P.A. have been then enlarged in association with the local churches of I.P.C. The present emblem of P.Y.P.A. was designed in 1966. All born again youths can become members of this organization. Its motto is “SAVED TO SERVE” and its aim is the evangelization of the world. It’s with this aim in mind that each member should serve the PYPA, using whatever talents God has given. PYPA serves as a medium for co-operation and friendship with other Pentecostal youth organizations. Also, this organization is expected to do social service, help in times of natural calamities, disasters, publish newsletters, magazines, books, tracts and to conduct youth meetings, seminars, conventions, Sunday school Activities. 

 From a humble beginning, the work spread to almost all the states of India and to countries outside of India. Now there are more than 3,000 branches around the world, including Arabian Gulf countries, the USA, U.K and Australia.


The PYPA of IPC green park aims to nourish the youths of today and nurture them to become tomorrow’s great men and women of God. We also aim to help them realize their fruits and encourage them to use it for the expansion of God’s kingdom.


Our youth wing, PYPA are an active part of our church ministry. Every Second Sunday of the month, PYPA sessions are held post worship. The youth are encouraged to participate in various programmes and hone their talent. Several youngsters who were part of the PYPA have gone on to work as full time workers and use their skills developed in their youth.


Over the years, our youth have also participated in district and state level competitions and have won several prizes. The youth are also encouraged to participate in various activities of the church Viz: Choir, Playing Instruments, Group songs and Solos Participation in Annual Competition. Our youths in the past have gone on several tract distribution missions with an aim to take the message of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard the gospel.



PYPA Committee Members 

Maju George Peter

Tijan Wilson

Jesson John 

Jisha Sundaran

Betsie Vinod

Nissy Saju

Jenny Varghese


Steffan Sunny

Stafin Jacob