Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Memoirs of the past

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. 1 Cor 3:7
IPC Green Park Church as an ever growing congregation has a long story to tell about the bygone days.  
When we search through the past, find men and women of God who came to Delhi, the capital city of India seeking livelihood, during the second half of last century.  As the time passed by, they felt the need of continuing their worship in their own language, met at Block V-10, and subsequently moved to F-58. 
Reminding the Exodus of Jacob from his Uncle Laban’s house, due to some strange circumstances, majority of the members of IPC Green Park Church had to come out from the premises of F-58 in the year 1993.  They decided to continue to function under  IPC Delhi Region (Present IPC Delhi State) led by Pastor K Joy. Till this group could find a proper place,  they had been meeting for worship at different locations for a period of almost 17 long years in and around Green park.  This includes School premises, Parks, at Houses of believers, Hotels and finally at a Dharmashala.

Many of those members from the above fellowship have migrated from Delhi to different state of India and Parts of the Globe like, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Middle East regions with regard to their vocations.  Some are working in “Master’s Vineyard.”  But all of them still fondly remember their past experiences with IPC Green Park and pray for its blessings. A few have entered to their final rest.
Even though the congregation was physically getting strained all through these years, the Spirit did not diminish.  Kept on praying and putting effort for having a place of worship of their own.  During 2000, the Church submitted an application to DDA for land after getting the Church registered as IPC Green Park under Society Act.  But this Endeavour did not materialize.

After much prayer and discussions, a first floor accommodation was purchased in Gautam Nagar area with the sacrificial contribution raised by members, their friends and relatives as well as by the help of President IPC Delhi Region, Pastor K Joy. This gave an address to IPC Green Park in this Capital city. This place was used as a base for Parsonage and conducting programmes on week days and evening prayers.

The church continued prayers for a Place for Worship.  Finally God enabled us to purchase a Lower Ground Floor in Green Park in the year 2010.  Present accommodation consists of room for office, Parsonage and with ample space for worship.  We consider this also as ‘another tent pitched’ in the JOURNEY of IPC Green Park.
I Thank God for His faithfulness in raising wonderful personalities at all times who kept on moving ahead with the dreams of the church from its very inception.  At this very point of celebrating 25 Years of God’s Faithfulness, I wholeheartedly thank and congratulate all those great men & women of God for their commitment towards the Church.  I do not name them here, whom God will reward for their selfless services and support for the ministry.

Realizing the importance and need of the hour, Green Park IPC puts all efforts through Sunday School, PYPA and Sodaree Samajam activities giving ample opportunities for spiritual growth and development of its respective wings. Truly God has placed and still adding wonderful people to carry the Gospel in and around the City.  The church is blessed by the Lord with the Youth having full of energy and of God-given talents, keeping the church in the forefront of IPC Delhi State in all events.  It is our humble prayer that IPC Green Park may remain strong and faithful till the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We gracefully remember the invaluable services of following great Servants of Lord during the last 25 years journey of IPC Green Park:-
1.    Pastor  V V Philipose      (1994 – 1997)
2.    Pastor K George Kutty     (1997  – 2007)
3.    Pastor Binoy Jacob         (2007 – 2012)
4.    Pastor Sam Thomas         (2012 – 2017)
5.    Pastor Sam George         (2017 – onwards)

Church Council 2019-20

President – Pastor Sam George
Vice President – Evg V.T Isac
Secretary – Mr. Pauly V M
Joint Secretary – Mr. M M Saju
Treasurer – Mr. Biju N V
Joint Treasurer – Mr. Wilson Mathew
Members – Mr. Sunny Mathew
                     Mr. George Mathew
                     Mr. K A John
                     Mr. Sonu Varghese
                     Mr. T Y Koshy