Wednesday, September 23, 2020




Relationships are for a season, reason or lifetime. Likewise, one generation comes it passes by and next season takes over. There will always be reasons for the upliftment and togetherness of church. Ministers of the body of Christ and believers spiritual encounter with Holy Spirit remains the major rationale.

The unfailing steadfast love of the lord, his faithfulness, his sacrifice on the cross and the resurrection power revealing his glory in our lives, is the lifetime promise for the church.  I strongly believe for IPC Green Park Church Delhi, it is the profound faith in the solid word of God and being guided by Holy Spirit has led this far, that God enabled us to celebrate the 25 Grand Years.

Being a part of the church, since the day I reached Delhi, especially through Pastor Sam George  empowered to open my inner vision and see God’s perfect Plan, and sub serve me to stay for the purpose I was destined. During my days of hardship, I shared with the church the prayers, comforting and supporting words strengthened me and brought faith miracles. It was the confirmation that the keen united prayer of the church yield wonders.  Even have experienced a marvelous healing from allergy which I was having since a year and half, during one Sunday worship. Truly god and his presence is there in this place. Every week I eagerly long for Sunday service to encounter with the set apart spirit filled worship in this church. As the Lifetime promise for this God is our God forever & forever. He will be our guide to the end. Let God Almighty bless IPC Green Park church and make it a blessing to many.


Dr. Nithil Ann Varghese

Believers Church Medical College Hospital